Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Local Information

To make your trip to the Sherbrooke area more enjoyable, we have compiled a list of places to see, dine, sleep, and shop.

Places to See

Sherbrooke Village
522-2400; 1-888-743-7845, Sherbrooke, NS
Enjoy the sights and sounds of a horse-drawn wagon creaking down a gravel road, the smell of newly shaved wood in the woodturner's shop, and the thump of the printer's manual press or the weaver's loom. This picturesque former lumbering and shipbuilding community looks as it did 100 years ago, before gold mining transformed it into a boom town. Twenty-five buildings on their original sites await you.

Nova Scotia Lighthouse Interpretive Centre and Port Bickerton Beach Park
364-2000, Port Bickerton, NS, Route 211
Enter into the mysterious, mystical magic of our maritime lighthouses. In a light keeper's home, the Centre provides a wealth of information about the lighthouses of Nova Scotia and celebrates the place of lighthouses in our history. The light tower on top of the house offers a wonderful view of the sea and the community of Port Bickerton. Nature Trails. Part of the Port Bickerton Lighthouse Beach Park.

Goldenville Gold Mining Interpretive Centre
Goldenville, NS
This restored turn-of-the-century church now houses a gold mine interpretive center. If you believe the movies, you had to head far north to find gold in the late 1800s and early 1900s. But there were working gold mines throughout North America, including several located along Antigonish and the Eastern Shore. One of these mines is immortalized at the Goldenville Gold Mining Interpretive Centre.

St. Mary’s River Education and Interpretive Centre
522-2099; Sherbrooke, NS, 8404 Highway 7
Exhibits relate to salmon angling on the St. Mary's River. The Centre offers an excellent collection of fishing tackle, photos and memorabilia of famous anglers such as Babe Ruth.
Stonewall Leisure ParkHighway 7, Sherbrooke, NSLocated beside the St. Mary's River Education & Interpretive Centre, the Stonewall Leisure Park offers visitors, hikers, and curious tourists the chance to explore our wilderness. Walk along mossy stone walls, have a picnic, or view the river from one of three lookouts.

Baird's Tradesmen Museum - Aspen, NS

Places to Dine

What Cheer Tea Room - Sherbrooke, NS
House of Jade - Sherbrooke, NS
Lakeside Restaurant & Take-Out - Indian Harbour Lake, NS
Liscombe Lodge - Liscomb, NS
Main Street Cafe - Sherbrooke, NS
Sherbrooke Village Inn - Sherbrooke, NS
Village Coffee Grind - Sherbrooke, NS

Places to Shop

Company Store - Sherbrooke, NS
Liscombe Lodge Gift Shop - Liscomb, NS
St. Mary’s River Smokehouse - Sherbrooke, NS
Nova Scotia Liquor Corp. - Sherbrooke, NS
Highland Home Building Centre - Sherbrooke, NS
Sherbrooke Village Supermarket - Sherbrooke, NS
Bud’s KwikWay - Sherbrooke, NS
Hewitt’s Quikmart - Port Hilford, NS
Rhynold's Service & Convenience - Country Harbour, NS
Harv’s Red & White - Port Bickerton, NS
On The Tickle Variety - Port Bickerton, NS

Fuel Stops

Sherbrooke Garage - Sherbrooke, NS
Bud’s KwikWay - Sherbrooke, NS
Rhynold's Service & Convenience - Country Harbour, NS
Naufft’s General Store - Liscomb, NS
Hewitt’s Quikmart - Port Hilford, NS


Royal Bank, Sherbrooke (ATM) - Sherbrooke, NS
B&D Trophies - Port Bickerton, NS
Eastern Counties Regional Library - Sherbrooke, NS


Arm Brooke Tourist Home Rentals - 902-752-2042, C 902-328-7202
St. Mary’s River Lodge - 902-522-2177
Sherbrooke Village Inn and Cabins - 902-522-2235
Daysago B&B - 902-522-2811
Birch Hill B&B and Guest House - 902-779-2017
Cardinal House B&B - 902-522-2797
Liscombe Lodge Resort - 902-779-2307
Nimrod's Campground - 902-522-2441
St. Mary’s Riverside Campground and Cabins - 902-522-2913
Wilson's Cove Cottage Rentals - 902-752-7665

Antigonish Accommodations

Green Way Claymore - 863-1050
Maritime Inn - 863-4001
Coastal Inn - 863-3730
Welcome Inns - 863-4212
Whidden’s Campground and Cottages - 863-3736

Proceeds from the Sherbrooke Show & Shine benefit the Historic Sherbrooke Village Development Society. This event is produced in partnership with the St. Mary’s Tourism Association and Sherbrooke Village.